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This DVD set is all about lighting and composition with easy to understand techniques created by the grand master of professional photography, Dean Collins. It’s about timeless concepts that impact the quality of the final photograph, whether captured on film or a digital media card.

The digital revolution has brought with it thousands of shortcuts and new techniques, giving photographers more control over the creative process. However, you still have to know the rules before you can break them. Dean taught us to see the light and now it’s time for you to share in the experience.

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While photography itself may be close to 200 years old, pure education within professional photography is considerably younger. Even shorter are the number of years when a handful of dedicated photographic educators made their mark on our industry.

Starting in the 80’s a very special photographer, Dean Collins, had a very important impact on professional photography. For over twenty years he was one of the few working photographers who influenced the way an entire generation saw its profession.

He taught us to not only see the light, but to move it, bend it and most importantly control it, no matter where or when we were creating images. He was a brilliant educator and often referred to as the finest presenter in the industry. With a combination of wit and the ability to reduce complicated concepts to workable solutions, he was the “Dean” of Photographic Education.

As co-founder of Finelight Publishing, he set out to completely redefine the publishing of photo lighting materials, all while running his studio and conducting seven world tours. He developed easily understood methods of controlling light and understanding its behavior, single handedly raising the level of competency and quality among thousands of professional photographers.

Dean Collins

In 1990 Collins began experimenting with electronic imaging, leading to a very close association with Adobe Systems. Software Cinema, a company founded by Dean, continues to produce a comprehensive collection of Photoshop and Design training resources for the digital imaging market.

Dean Collins battled cancer for 3 years and passed away on February 2, 2005.
He will be greatly missed, but his concepts and his passion for photography are timeless.

For each DVD purchased, a portion will be donated for the cure of childhood cancer with CureSearch.
CureSearch unites the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) and the National Childhood Cancer Foundation (NCCF) through a shared mission to cure and prevent childhood and adolescent cancer through scientific discovery and compassionate care. Website:

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